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 Increase your property value by 30%

We invest our time, our experience and our money,
to increase the value of your property!!!

Six Easy Steps

Step 1: Our Minimum Criteria

  • Your Property must be located in either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane
  • Your Property Land Area must be a minimum of 1,000 Square Metres Plus
  • Property Zoning = Residential
  • Minimum Sales in your Property's Suburb = $1,400,000 Plus

Step 2: Partner with Sovereign

  • Sovereign will always aim for the Highest & Best use to increase the Value of your Property
  • Our price is always higher than any auction sale process based on a 30/60 day settlement
  • We generally agree to a price 30% above market value for your Property
  • Titles always remain in your name

Step 3: Development Approval

Our team at Sovereign Acquisitions Fund has collectively over 120 years’ experience where as a team, have gained a vast of knowledge and understanding of property, town planning and financial structures; 

Sovereigns team of consultants span the entire project cycle and their volume of work exceeds $2.5 billion in total;

Sovereign will apply for Highest and Best, Value Adding Development Approval for your Property;

This process usually takes between 6-8 months during which time, the House and Land sales are also taking place.

Step 4: Sales

Our sales team at Sovereign Inroom Auctions have a database of clients who are looking to purchase property in high growth and prestigious suburbs.

We have a minimum of 10 clients in each suburb, finance approved and waiting to buy, subject only to meeting their property criteria.

All sales are House and Land packages where the Purchaser must settle the land purchase prior to any Construction by Builders.

Your solicitor will prepare Contracts of Sale and hold all deposits until the Settlement of the Property Sale.

Step 5: Civil Works

​Sovereign will engage contractors at our cost to comply with the Development Application Approval conditions.

Once the Development Application Approval conditions have been completed, we will apply to the Titles office on your behalf to issue the new Titles and to allow for Settlement of the Property Sale.

Step 6: Settlement

Your Property Title always remains in your name until the Settlement of the Property Sale;

Your solicitor will attend the Settlement of the Property Sale where you will receive your Agreed Sale Price and the balance to Sovereign.

Real Estate Agents

  • Real Estate agents should only be appointed after the "Value Adding" is completed not prior where they tend to position themselves;
  • Real Estate agents normally want homeowners to sell as quickly as possible to obtain a commission;
  • Real Estate agents generally compare your property to others similar ("AS IS") when advising you of your property's value thereby ignoring the "Value";
  • Real Estate agents mostly have little or no development experience and most rely on rumour and gossip;
  • Real Estate agents always require you to pay advertising costs even if you don't sell.

Sovereign Acquisitions Fund

So, you may be wondering why we would spend our own funds and to improve the value of your property. The answer is simple; we receive a share of the increase in the property value over and above the increased price (30% above current market value). Although we could easily acquire the site, perform the work and keep all the upside, adopting our business model means we can pass the stamp duty and other savings onto you. We always believe in maintaining a win/win strategy.

  • Sovereign invests its own funds in approved projects with homeowners;
  • Sovereign backs its decisions and statements with its own funds;
  • Sovereign invests its considerable intellectual knowledge to maximise the value of your property.

Although the timing varies based on each Council and their approval processes, you should expect to receive a permit within 6 months and if the site is actioned immediately, the compliance can be completed within a further 4 months.

If you are looking to sell your home and receive a great price without having to spend any further funds for advertising, then you should call us now. We will provide an individual assessment of the site and provide you a proposal in writing within 7 days so that you can make an informed decision.

Increase your Property Value by 30% at NO cost to YOU!

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